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About us

      Xi'an Unionfilter (Group) located in Xi'an National Hi-tech zone, is specialized in fluid separation and purification equipment research and development, production and operation of the well-known brands, with east and west two production bases (Xi'an, Wuxi), three production workshop. Good brand awareness and technological innovation strength of the company to become the industry benchmark for gas purification and leader. The company has 16 patents (including four patents), assume there are 98 national Torch Program projects and state-level new products, received three Science and Technology Innovation Fund, and become the industry's only enterprise which is confirmed by both ISO9001 and the National Military Quality Standard Certificate..

      Our products are widely used in energy, power, machinery, chemicals and military and other fields, and leading efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, emission reduction trends. Xi'an Unionfilter targeted at high-end customers with high-pressure technology, focus on medium and large non-standard products as well as good, flammable, explosive, making it the industry in technological innovation, scale of operation, group operation and the strongest product varieties the most complete, one of the highest level of technology businesses.
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