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Four main production of Xi’an Unionfilter

1.Gas dehydration device: mainly used in filling stations, storage and transportation of oil and gas field exploration, transportation CBM, shale gas. We are the world's largest producer of such products.
2.The power of compressed air purification products include all kinds of separators, filters, dryers, where zero gas consumption external blower adsorption dryer and compressed air adsorption dryer with a global leader in energy efficiency.
3.The Mid/High-pressure filter dehydration device: maximum pressure up to 450bar, flow rates up to 50 cubic meters per min., the annual production can supply more than 100 units, accounting for more than 70% of the domestic military market.
4.Industrial process gas: comprising hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, high purity nitrogen, helium separation , filtration and dried.

Gas dehydration device
The power of compressed air purification products
The Mid/High-pressure filter dehydration device
Industrial process gas
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